OMG...I been banned!  I didn't do anything! It's not right...it's unfair!  Why did you ban me you @#$%^?  I want unbanned! NOW!

I have heard this a lot over the year in SL and how unfair so and so is for banning them.  Me, I have been banned from several places along the way as well.  Sometimes, it was fair; other times, it was not.  It taught me a valuable lesson, YOU have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions and behavior even in a virtual world.  

Granted, sometimes a banning is a mistake due to a misunderstanding, but generally speaking something occurred that caused the owner(s) of the property to ban you from the premises.  It may or may not be fair.  It may or may not be by rules you live by, but what is done is done.  Banning is at the indiscretion of the Sim owner or Estate Managers.  

You can throw a tantrum, go around bad mouthing a place as being unfair, and just cause general drama that makes you look like an ass in the end. Or, you can Man/Woman up, be an adult, who accepts responsibility for your actions, make your apologies and hope you will be unbanned, or, move along to enjoy your SL in other places. 

If you don't like the rules of the place, go buy your own sim, pay the monthly tier fee, and do as you wish with your new property.  Create your own rules!  

Sounds pretty easy right?  Owing your own sim?  

Well, with a few exceptions, most sims in SL are owned by individual SL Residents, who pay their hard earned RL money into SL to buy a piece of land, which is not cheap...well it is now but didn't use to be.  Not sure how much they go for these days but use to be anywhere from $600.00 to $1000.00 USD for the initial cost of a sim. Unless, of course, you found a steal from someone selling a full sim. 

Oh, and I forgot.  You will need to have a Premium membership with payment information on file.   And, if you are going to have an adult sim, age verification is a requirement.

But, if you don't want to have the initial buy-in costs and/or have a Premium account, you can rent a piece of virtual property. True, you won't own it or be able to sell it when done, but most you rent from will give you estate rights to edit/modify the land and allow you to ban and eject people. 

So, let's look at monthly tier...this is the amount you have to pay to LL to own a sim in SL.   While sim rentals do not require a Premium membership, you will be renting for at least the minimum tier cost of that sim, usually a bit more to cover cost and expenses of the actual owner.  

Currently, the tier costs for sims in SL is.

Homestead      $125.00 USD 
(full land area, prims 3500, limited scripts & land rights, limited AVs allowed on sim at same time)

Mainland         $195.00 USD 
(full land area, prims 15,000, limited land rights, limited AVs allowed on sim at same time)

Private Estate  $295.00 USD
(full land area, prims 15,00, full rights)

*Gasps!*..."What?  Me, put in my own money?  I can't afford that!  No way!  I am here to have fun, play for free at someone else's expense, get all these freebies, and just do what I want." 

Yes, it is costly just to pay for a sim each month, and I am not even touching on other issues that add to a sim owner's expenses each month like griefers or, the need to ban people for poor behavior.   I will save that for another post in the future.

Many many sim owners in SL open up their sims to other Residents to come and partake of the many and varying activities these sim owners provide, generally for FREE,  MOST sim owners open up their land and share their bounty with others.  Some may ask for and/or set out a tip jar where Residents can freely tip if they enjoy the place.  I may be wrong, but many sims rarely receive enough tips each month to help cover the monthly tier cost. 

Why do most sim owners do this? 

Most do it to share with the SL community.  It is an altruistic thing because it is certainly IS NOT for the money, absence of headaches, nor for all the "Thank Yous" they get. 

While some Residents do contribute an occasional Linden amount, some will volunteer their time to help out the sim owner, especially in RP and club situations.  It is their way to "repay" for enjoying the sim if they cannot contribute financially.  Occasionally, a sim owner will receive a note or IM from someone thanking them for the enjoyable venue provided, but generally, it is a thankless headache-filled task. 

So, yeah, they may ban people.  They may ban people wrongly.  They may ban people over stupid stuff.  But you are on their land, which they pay for so a little courtesy will and does go a long way. 


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