LOGOS LOGOS LOGOS--This is My Story!

     Okay, I know most of you don't know me or my design company.  But, let's just say that over the years our Second Life has been quite full and taken any different paths along the way.  As such,  My design company had been through many incarnations, with many names and different logos over the years. Nothing seems right for branding purposes. 

     My learning to build was in part because I found it so interesting and cool what people could create in SL and I wanted to learn how it was done.  And, the other reason was I am an avid RPer and at the time, there just were so few specific props.   Plus, I didn't wish to invest much money so, Hell House Design was born.

     People often ask where the name came from.  The name was born out of frustration really.  I had purchased a piece of land and bought this incredible modern looking house (it was expensive) from this well know builder at that time.  It came in 3 sections (this was long before things like Rez Faux, Rez Free or other building rezzers), which you had to manually move.  I was very new at the time and barely could walk, let alone edit things.

     I was sooo frustrated with this house I started calling it the House From Hell, which in turn became know as Hell House.  When I started building and vending a few things back in the RP (Vampire the Masquerade) days in Baji, I needed a name for my building group so, naturally, it became Hell House Design. I learned a lot about SL...how to build, interact with people, design props for RPs, create my own RP, etc.

       Long before I knew anything about graphics programs, our first logo was designed and created  by Loch Newchurch from Paper Street Soap Company.  Loch is a really talented woman that can build anything and RPs the best Malkavian around!  She specializes in unique grunge products long before others builders were even interested in such things. 

Our original Hell House Design Logo 

     For years, I created things I could not find in-world or on XStreet (now called Marketplace) for use in RP and offered those for sale.  What I built and sold, I was using for various RP I was involved with or, for the style of house I wanted to live in.  LOL...I change houses like most women change their clothes, shoes, or hair.  I stuck with building structures...Medieval, Gorean, Oriental, Asian, Victorian, Urban Grunge. 
     After a time, you get a bit tired of building the same types of things.  Or, you cannot find/make what you need for a specific project you have in mind.  You search high and low for building products from other vendors, but they may not have it either.  So, you are stuck with scrapping a project or learning the skills to make it.

     I remember for one RP I wanted some clothing but not your typical "slutwear" there seems to be an overabundance of in SL.  I began my adventure into making SL clothing.  To date (other than Blender) I think SL layer clothing has been the most taxing on my brain.   It really requires a very good understanding of your graphics program, 3-D modeling, as far as how items will look on your AV,  artistic talent, and a great imagination.  Thus, Nihilistic Intentions was born.

Nihilistic Intentions Logo

     Because I had a better understanding of my graphics software (I use Photoshop), I struck out into unknown territory and created the logo for my dark gothy type clothing line. I wanted to keep that line separate from my building line, yet I wanted to keep the same or similar colors as my original logo.

     Considering I am NOT an artist, I thought it didn't turn out too badly.

     I found clothing a huge challenge and still am not overly comfortable with it.  But, like all things, I have progressed somewhat with it.  There are many wonderful clothing designers in SL, who are quite talented.  I know many people complain about their prices, but I would challenge those who do not create clothing to try it.  It is not as easy as it looks, and is very time consuming and not to mention costly.  Needless to say, I had other projects that needed tending to so left off the clothing line to make other things. 

     During my foray into clothing, I found that I needed certain accessories to go with what I had created.  SL went from having simple and inexpensive clothing to designers adding more to their products...jewelry, shoes, sexy walks, prim skirts, belts...etc.   Savvy customers demand more for their money.

     Again, your option was to either buy it from others or, make it yourself, which required more money to be spent. By this time, all the rage was to make sculpts, which I knew nothing about building or creation wise.  I began my journey in the sculpt making process, which was even more frustrating than clothing design! 

     I tried and tried to learn Blender 2.49, even with the Primstar add-on you could purchase I soooo failed.  Too many buttons...just to open the program made me sick to my stomach!  I didn't understand the process nor understand the 3-D modeling concepts, and there were limited tutorials available unlike today. 

     I attempted such products as Sculpt Studio (very complex product), Sculptcrafter, Celzius, and a few other in-world products with limited success.  Don't get me wrong...these are all GREAT products, it was me that didn't understand enough to make them work well for me.  I gave up and relegated myself to purchasing what I needed from others. 

     Time passes and we roll forward.  The world wide economy goes into a slump.  People need to put food on the table and pay for their housing in RL.  I thought I needed to upgrade my logo for Hell House Design to be more appealing and up-to-date.  Maybe, attract more business to my tiny venue. 
Updated Hell House Design Logo
     Unlike many merchants, who depend on sales in SL to supplement their RL incomes, I do not.  I am fortunate to have a job in RL that allows me to learn new things so I can have a creative outlet for my imagination.  I will be the first to say, my little business is more of a serious hobby.  It does not have many sales, nor, does it cover my tier and expenses...never has and probably never will. 

     And, I share what I have with others.  Many a times over the years and currently, I give spaces to others to sell their items or a place to build.  I ask nothing from these people other than they remain tidy and share kindness and generosity to other people in SL.  It is my way of giving back the kindness and generosity shown by others over the years.
    Back to my SL adventure...I began looking for a particular type outfit and couldn't find it or, was appalled at the prices being asked.  I thought well, maybe I should try clothing again, but in a different vain.  A clothing line that was quality, inexpensive, without all the added frills, and more for the everyday.  By now, every woman in SL knows that mix and match is the way to go.  I mean how many belts and bracelets can you have?  Do you really need new ones for every outfit you buy?  LOL...yes, I know some will say sacrilege!

     Plaine Jaine was born out of the aforementioned ideas.  To provide the wearer with quality items at inexpensive prices.  Some do come with accessories, but hopefully, they are made in such a way you can add your already favorite items from other outfits in inventory to create your own unique look!  I mean really, who wants to look like everyone else in SL?  I know I don't!

Plaine Jaine offering Quality Clothes at Affordable Prices

     Okay, last but not least, with so many lines going it is difficult and impractical to keep up with so many groups and hunts and blogs that enough is just enough.  It's time to get back to basics, folks! 

     Hell House Studios was created to incorporate all my lines into one central group.  In this day and age, who really has enough group space now?  While 42 groups is a  lot of groups to be involved with, if you are a creator like me, it is just a drop in the bucket of what is needed, especially if you have multiple store space in various sims.

Hell House Studio Logo
     Creating an all inclusive group allows me more time to effectively manage all my particular niche type creations, communicate with all my group members, distribute free gifts, announce new products, give discounts, etc.

     I am not completely satisfied with this new logo.  As stated above, I am not an artist by any means.  While I am learning more about Photoshop, I am sure I will continue to update ALL my logos as time passes.

     The moral of the story is...you can branch out if you so desire!  While branding is important, we should not be afraid to update now and then. 

P.S.  My Logos are exactly that...MY LOGOS...meaning my creative work and that of others falls under Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA).  Respect the work of creators and their licensing agreements in SL and RL.


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