Builders Brewery

When I use the term "build", as it relates to Second Life (SL), it is an inclusive term. It means creating things out of primitives (prims for short) , creating animations, writing scripts, creating sounds, sculpting, making mesh, creating textures in Photoshop or Gimp.  I have probably forgotten to mention.  I use build to mean ALL forms of creating things in SL whether you make them for yourself, family, and friends or, you venture out and market them to others.

This post is sort of a follow-up  to my previous post about education in Second Life.  This was going to be my original post, but I thought I would explain a bit of the times I lived through so it would make a bit more sense for new folks.  This was my PERSONAL experience.  I am sure other residents can probably step in and point out many errors or make corrections to part one.  But the jist of the original post was building EDUCATION in SL has not always be readily available to those wanting to learn to create and build things in SL.  It was hit and miss there for quite some time. 

I think after awhile you sort of become somewhat jaded in SL.  You are older than virtual dirt and get stuck/set in certain ways of doing things.  I think the Viewer 1 vs. Viewer 2/3 fiasco is a fine example of this. People have their preferences despite what others see as progress.  Those of us that like and still use V1 viewers struggled through learning that interface now we are asked to changed to a whole new interface.  Bah! 

One of the reasons many of us like and are die hard V1 is building is much easier.  It has some lesser limitations such as the edit drop down is enlargeable...not so it seems in V2/3. Yes, can overcome these things with practice, but who has time?  I work all day in RL to support my SL and the SL economy.  I don't have a lot of time to have learn a new interface.  And, if they don't move the IM pop-up from the right to the inconvenient is that!  At least allow me to move it myself.

*Hops down from her V1 soapbox*  Okay...okay...I am getting back on track!

After being a Resident in SL for as long as I have been,  it is not very often that I am impressed by anyone or anything. For those things that do impress me, I become a die-hard fan and like to share my passions and/or,  addictions with others.

One of my current and long running addictions is Builders Brewery.  It has to be THE place for anyone wishing to learn to build and wants to learn how by taking in-world classes.  They DO NOT charge anyone to take a class.  Their survival is dependent upon freely given donations. 

You REALLY should check out their website and class calendar.  Just click on the url belowe and it will take you to their site.  You might want to take a few minutes to read about the Brewery.  They are strictly funded by Supremius and Sensuous Maximus, items sold at the Brewery, custom work and the people volunteering their time to teach, and the generous donations of SL Residents.  They are NOT funded or support by LL simply the generosity of someone with a vision on what SL can be.

Also, those that TEACH give of their time FREELY.  They VOLUNTEER and DONATE their time in SL to teach YOU and me what they know.   Many survive on the TIPS they are given for the classes they teach.

SOME TIPS FOR ATTENDING CLASSES (these are MY suggestions not the Brewery's)

1.      Come prepared to learn!
        a)   Have some quiet time in RL where you won't be disturbed for the length of the class (if
        b)   Pen & paper ready to take your own notes (don't depend on the instructor to give notes)
        c)   Copy the class chat (at end of session) and paste in a notecard or into a text editor on your
              hard drive for future reference.
        d)   You are responsible for your own learning

2.     To make the class as enjoyable for all and KEEP LAG DOWN
        a) *Wear non-scripted hair, shoes, clothing, etc.
        b) Take off AOs  You are sitting so you don't need them on.
        c) Take off any meters, radars, HUDs, pregnancy indicators, collars scripted jewelry, babies,
            shoulder pets, purses, etc. anything that might cause LAG. You can put back on after
3.    If the class will be held in voice, take the time to enable voice BEFORE you get to class.  You
       may need to relog to enable it on some viewers.

4.    Make sure your mic is turned OFF.  Unless otherwise noted, most classes do not require
       YOU to participate in voice. Others in the class do not need to hear annoying background
        noises while in class. 

5.    Many classes do not have prerequisites, but some do.  Check out the detailed description on
       the Builders' Brewery website to see what the class is about and if you feel you have the
       skills to take the class.

6.    Even if you do not have the required prerequisites, you may still wish to audit the class for
       information.   If you audit a class, please do so.  If you have questions, ask them.

7.    When asking questions, please ask them respectfully.

8.    Do not diss, make cutting remarks, or rude comments about your fellow students in public
       chat or IMs.  This is a place of learning not for arguments.  Take those off site and privately.

9.    If you get lost in class, do the best you can to follow along.  Remember, there is a set time
       limit that has to be respected for each class period.  This is not your personal class.  There
       are others there seeking to learn.  Take notes and go over the material AFTER class.
       Most instructors will be happy to help you later if there is something you do not understand.

10.  If there is required software to be used for a class (Gimp, Photoshop, Blender, etc.) please
       have it downloaded and open.  Most software used in class is FREE and open source.
       Please note that your version (if using an older version)  may not look like what is being
       shown in class so you may need to download a new one or, try to compensate.

11.  Some classes may require the use of so you can follow along what the Instructor is
       doing live.  From my experience (I use a Mac),  Firefox works well with  I think
       Chrome works also. You will be given the link during class time.

12.  TIP, TIP, TIP...Please generously tip your Instructor's to keep them teaching these most
        valuable classes!  Tip what you can 'cause every little bit helps!

        (Currently, a 500L tip is less than $3.00 (USD) in the RL.  Believe me the information
        you learn is more than worth the information you will receive! Don't forget to leave a
        tip in the BB Tip jar as well!)

 Come and everyone else there in class are there to learn...not there to impress anyone. We are there to gain skills so we can make SL the best possible Virual World.

*If you have items with resizing scripts, you should take out the script once you get the item to fit.  If you are worried you need to resize it later, make a copy and leave in your inventory...maybe in a different folder.  Most items you can click on them and remove them with a touch of a button.  Others, you will need to delete the script out of content in the root prim and use a scrubber script to remove scripts from the other prims. You can find these on Market Place, or ask someone may have an open source one they can give to you. 


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