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Let the Hunt begin....

Who:  Hunters
What:  Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt
Where:  Hell House Studios, Villevotte--Adult Sim
When:  Starts 11/1/2012 --00:00 GMT

Okay folks,

At midnight, GMT, I will be putting out my gift for the Hunt. I do hope you enjoy it.  It is a small sample of things that I do make. 

Happy Hunting!

Antique Grid Show--Sneak-a-Peek 3

A third set of handcrafted Autumn Hunt offerings has been posted!  Check out the Blog to see more of the prizes being offered to Hunt Participants!

Be sure to check out the fantastic creations that will be on offer during this Hunt.   Second Life Creators are so talented!
Like what you see?    Stop by and browse the other offering these creators have at there shops.  Who knows what you may find to add to your Autumnal decor!

 Christmas is just around the corner, why no get a head start on your SL Christmas shopping and patronize these great creators!  Support SL Creators!

NEWSFLASH-Antique Grid Show: Autumn Hunt Sneak Peek Round 2

This just in...

Antique Grid Show: Autumn Hunt Sneak Peek Round 2Hot off the Blog Presses...Antique Grid Show has posted the second round in their Sneak Peek for the upcoming Hunt scheduled to start the day after Halloween...
Click the URL to take you to the Blog to see the great items being offered for this year's Autumn Hunt!
P.S. Don't forget to look for the Round 1 items as well!


OMG...I been banned!  I didn't do anything! It's not's unfair!  Why did you ban me you @#$%^?  I want unbanned! NOW!

I have heard this a lot over the year in SL and how unfair so and so is for banning them.  Me, I have been banned from several places along the way as well.  Sometimes, it was fair; other times, it was not.  It taught me a valuable lesson, YOU have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions and behavior even in a virtual world.  

Granted, sometimes a banning is a mistake due to a misunderstanding, but generally speaking something occurred that caused the owner(s) of the property to ban you from the premises.  It may or may not be fair.  It may or may not be by rules you live by, but what is done is done.  Banning is at the indiscretion of the Sim owner or Estate Managers. 

You can throw a tantrum, go around bad mouthing a place as being unfair, and just cause general drama that makes you look like an ass in the end. Or, you can Man/Woman up, be a…


I had a couple people complain to me recently they couldn't get into Villevotte  to view a building I sell because it Villevotte is on the Adult Continent and they were not adult verified.  I regret that I lost a couple of sales over that fact, but I have never actually set out to make any money in SL other than to cover my building supply costs. 

What little I sell, rarely covers those costs and in no way have my sales nor probably will they ever cover the $200.00 monthly tier fee I pay.  Sometimes, I feel that I am the sole supporter of the SL economy LOL. 

Yes, I purposefully chose to move my sim holdings to the Adult Continent when the continent opened. I did this because, at the time, I was running RP that was not geared towards minors.  With a group of RPers, one cannot be on 24/7 to police their actions, which may include adult situations.  An Adult sim offers the advantage of at least you, as a sim owner, are trying your best to not corrupt the youth of the world. Of cour…

Mesh Clothing--What a Let Down

I have been hearing all this hype about mesh clothing for a long time now...actually, I heard about how "great" and "revolutionary" mesh clothing would be long before it was a reality (well over a year  now).  The way people have talked about what mesh would do for SL, for months and months to the point of it being nauseating ...has been a huge let down in my opinion where mesh clothing is concerned.

Don't get me wrong, despite my thoughts on the subject before it was introduced, Mesh IS an exciting addition to SL.  I have begun incorporating mesh with my builds, and am learning to make mesh for non-clothing items.  Creators, who are way more advanced than I am, are going wild, but mesh I think may just now be catching on for a few residents.

I think sim owners are probably ahead on the mesh incorporation curve when it comes to looking at mesh benefits can add to their venues.  I am not sure mesh has really caught on with the general resident population yet fo…


Just a gentle reminder to anyone reading this blog, the Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt is set to open one week from today!  Yay!

From November 1st through the 30th, please join Hell House Studios and other fine SL creators in the Autumn Hunt. 

Ssshhh....follow this URL for a "sneak peek" at some of the items that will be on  offer to Hunters a week from today!  Autumn Hunt Sneak Peak

Misleading Mesh Advertisements?

When browsing the Second Life Marketplace, my current pet peeve is" comes in 3 (insert your own number here) standard sizes." NOT!!!!

While that bit of advertising seems to be innocuous, it is terribly misleading.  Some might even say it is false advertising.  Unless I have totally missed something along the way...THERE IS NO STANDARD AV SIZE in Second Life.

Each creator may have decided and created their OWN STANDARD AV size based on what they think is standard, but it is not THE standard AV size.

Let me repeat it one more time....There is NO STANDARD AV size in Second life!

Yes, SL does have some starter AVs, which could be considered "standard size" but only in a loose sense of the word.  There is a downloadable AV.obj file from SL, which you could say is a set standard; however, this standard is sunk when Residents start fiddling with the sliders to customize their shape.

 IF there is a STANDARD, it is either a creator's personal standard size base…

Antique Grid Show-Autum Hunt

Wait!  You say you have nothing to decorate with for Autumn?   

Pffhhtt...easily fixed!  

Join Hell House Studios along with 29 other Wonderful SL Creators participating in the Antique Grid Show'sAutumn Hunt

I am sure you will find some very exciting and worthwile creations to update your home, business or sim with these wonder Fall/Autumn offerings. 

Why participate in this Hunt?
1) It's fun.
2) Explore new places.
3) Find amazing new products.
4) Meet new people.
5) Did I mention it is fun? 
6) Runs 24/7 for a whole month to fit YOUR timezone and

 The Hunt starts on November 1st and runs the entire the month of November! So you have plenty of time!

Keep an eye on this blog and the Antique Grid Show Blog, better yet hit the JOIN THIS SITE button to make sure you are the first to get updates on this great Hunt.

LOGOS LOGOS LOGOS--This is My Story!

Okay, I know most of you don't know me or my design company.  But, let's just say that over the years our Second Life has been quite full and taken any different paths along the way.  As such,  My design company had been through many incarnations, with many names and different logos over the years. Nothing seems right for branding purposes. 

     My learning to build was in part because I found it so interesting and cool what people could create in SL and I wanted to learn how it was done.  And, the other reason was I am an avid RPer and at the time, there just were so few specific props.   Plus, I didn't wish to invest much money so, Hell House Design was born.

     People often ask where the name came from.  The name was born out of frustration really.  I had purchased a piece of land and bought this incredible modern looking house (it was expensive) from this well know builder at that time.  It came in 3 sections (this was long before things like Rez Faux, Rez Fr…

Builders Brewery

When I use the term "build", as it relates to Second Life (SL), it is an inclusive term. It means creating things out of primitives (prims for short) , creating animations, writing scripts, creating sounds, sculpting, making mesh, creating textures in Photoshop or Gimp.  I have probably forgotten to mention.  I use build to mean ALL forms of creating things in SL whether you make them for yourself, family, and friends or, you venture out and market them to others.

This post is sort of a follow-up  to my previous post about education in Second Life.  This was going to be my original post, but I thought I would explain a bit of the times I lived through so it would make a bit more sense for new folks.  This was my PERSONAL experience.  I am sure other residents can probably step in and point out many errors or make corrections to part one.  But the jist of the original post was building EDUCATION in SL has not always be readily available to those wanting to learn to create …

Autumn Hunt

The long hot and dry summer (at least in my neck of the woods) is finally over and is being replaced with cooler Fall weather. Yay!
Mother Nature appears and paints the leaves on each tree from her colorful palette with brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges  dazzling our eyes and charming our senses.  After the wild summer, we start to slowly wind down pulling out sweaters and jackets to stave off cool nights as we start to prepare for winter.  Even in our virtual world of SL, Fall is creeping in upon us.  Many sims and homes will change their landscaping to reflect the outer world. 

Wait!  You say you have nothing to decorate with for Autumn?   Pffhhtt...easily fixed!  Join Hell House Studio along with 29 other creators in the Antique Grid Show's Autumn Hunt. The Hunt starts on November 1st and runs the entire the month of November!

I have a confession to make, while I have been building and selling my items for years, I have never been involved in a Hunt before. A friend from Post M…



Here are two new releases just in time for Halloween!

      The ZOMBIE'S NIGHTMARE is TWICE the size of the Zombie Shotgun Shack (approx. 20 wide X 23 long) but at a sweet low price of 850L!

The structure has attached lockable doors, which you, the owner, have control over.  You can easily add your loved ones, family, friends to each door's access list for full access or, only allow them into the areas you wish, while keeping out those pesky zombies.  

     It also features a small lockable cell with working lockable cell door. You never know when it might come in handy.

     This dark creepy build has all the ambiance of the Zombie Shotgun Shack Livingroom, bloody kitchen floor, worn bathroom tile, dark used wood floors, ripped wall paper, and  you will find 2 large bedrooms for you and your growing family.  Simply unpack, set on your land and it's ready to furnish with your all your scary items you love.

     Keeping up with the demands of our cust…

Resident Building in Second Life: A Short Historical Overview

Note: The following is a brief overview, from my SL point-of-view, of the  Resident "building experience" in Second Life (SL) over the years.  While others coming from another perspective may see the history differently, what I write is what I experienced over the last seven years.   SL was my first "gaming and/or social networking" experience so my point of view is somewhat biased.  My opinion is just that and is not meant to be a total end experience...this is how, when I look back, I interpret the events as a participating SL Resident.

 A long time ago in a far away virtual world, a realistic-in-height red head, started her journey to learn how to build items in the incredible world she found herself in.  Second Life was a vast untamed and wild frontier of creativity. The use of the built in primitive 3-D modeling tool system not seen or available to the common Resident in other venues when I joined.  Residents  pushed the limits of these tools to  make fantast…