Umbrellas, Websites and Hell House Studios, Oh My

After experimenting for nearly a year with various forms of blogs and toying with website creation, we have decided to combine our efforts and work with Google's Blogger. We still find this blog creation a bit complex for a new learner.  Blogger seems to be the simplest and most intuitive of what we tried plus it is free!  We did try the free version of Word Press (another very popular blogger) but, we thought it even less intuitive and much more complicated.  I do have to say that Word Press does have more prepared "Theme" options and the ability to make more adjustments for a better looking blog.  It also seems that Google's Blogger has few widgets/gadgets that can be included.  Those they do listed seem to be broken. 

Efforts are still being made to create  a website, but honestly, we are finding  website creation even more difficult.  We do have a, which is being hosted via Google "Sites".  One thing Google has going for it is the multiple products that work with each other. BUT, their documentation and help features for setting up a website is pretty worthless in my opinion.

 We are learning slowly, when we have time, but frankly, creating a website is much more complicated and confusing than expected.  Currently, the site is down do to creator error. Hopefully, I can figure out what the issue is then keep your fingers crossed, I can figure out how to fix it.

Unless you are working with blogs and websites everyday, you tend to forget what you learned previously so if much time has passed you may have to start over.    Perhaps it is age and you can't teach old dogs (or, women) new tricks?  Really this all boils down to the website is pretty slow going for us and may not materialize as we had thought. In the meantime, to make life easier, we are combining all our groups/creation lines into a single blog.

It's raining, it's pour!

Combining all groups into a single creation line? What does this mean exactly?

It means that Hell House Design (building/furniture/miscellaneous) Plain Jaine (quality inexpensive clothing) and Nihilistic Intentions (Goth and RP related clothing)  are now going to umbrella collectively under Hell House Studios. We will use a single blog, at least for now, to blog for all three lines.  Will be easier to manage and may encourage us to blog more often.

It also means, we are going to try to move some of the items we previously posted in our different blogs and combine them into one on this blog.  Whether it can be successfully done has yet to be determined.  We ask your patience and to bear with us.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and look forward to hearing from each of you in the near future.


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