Shift+Drag --- A SL Designer's Dream

I have to admit I use Photoshop templates from other creators. While I understand the principle in creating them, I seem to be "drawing & cutting" impaired when in comes to creating my own templates..shirts are the worst for me.

I think a lot of my issue may be I simply do not know enough of the "ins and outs" of the myriad of features within the program to overcome this issue. Photoshop has so many options and different ways a person can approach a problem it is mind boggling.   In my humble hobbyist opinion, Photoshop has to the a graphic artist's best friend with all it can do.

As I stated above, I can't draw well (learning though) and do buy templates from other creators to use when making clothing for personal use or to sell.  Oftentimes, I will combine template elements to create something new.  Anyone that has tried this knows what a nightmare it can be with repositioning, nudging here and there for seams to fit, etc.

One of the tricks I learned earlier this year was from watching a Youtube video on "Painting onto the Second Life Avatar In Photoshop".  In that video, it mentions using Shift + Drag to move layers between the files you are working on.
Chip Midnight's SL Clothing Template
If you  resized both of your files beforehand, to say 1024 X 1024,    when you use Shift + Drag, the layer being moved will center exactly with the layers in the files you are moving it to. This works great for adding Chip Midnight or Robin Woods UV Templates to check the seams of the template purchased.  Unfortunately, not all templates you purchase are aligned correctly, Shift + Drag can be a godsend and save you so much time. We will discuss clothing templates more at a later time.

Robin Woods' SL Clothing Template
Gosh, where was this trick when I started learning Photoshop!

Also, you can use Shift + Drag when working with your layers to keep things allied with other layers on the horizontal and vertical axis.

P.S.   As mentioned above, if you are interested in using the extended version of Photoshop to paint on a 3D model, you may wish to visit and watch this video

Video--Painting onto the Second Life avatar in Photoshop

.psd file link--PSD File Link


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