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During those hot and lazy days of summer, we at Plaine Jaine have been very very busy...with significant job changes in the real world...we have been  using what little free time we have to study design, monitor SL clothing trends to see where we fit now and in the future, tinkering with Blender, trying to figure out Word Press. Blogger, and web sites plus trying to get up to speed with CS6 Extended.  We definitely keep busy.

Meanwhile back at the store..

     I am posting pictures of  two outfits you may be interested in...Lil Purple Summer Dress and  Nuit's White Lace Silks.  While Fall is nearly hear, these outfits are still great inexpensive items and must haves!
     Both outfits are quality low priced items and are currently available in-world at our main-store on  Villevotte.  Nuit's White Lace Silks is also available on SL Marketplace with plans to upload Lil Purple Summer Dress  soon.

NUIT'S WHITE LACE SILKS Sexy alluring silks for long hot summer nights.

Nuit's White Lace Silks

     Whether you are a woman that enjoys role playing a slave girl in filmy peek-a-poo clothing on alien worlds,  a briefly clad woman running through wild desert terrain fleeing from hunters, the virginal sacrifice rescued by your knight in shining amour or, a woman who wishes to be sexy for her man, you might enjoy these diaphanous naughty "silks"
    We believe every woman should be able to pamper herself and indulge in her dreamiest fantasies without having to spend a fortune on quality clothing.
      White just not your style?   Contact me in-world if interested in a different color option not yet for sale.


      Our other offering is a smart little summer dress done in purple.  This outfit comes with 3 top layer options, 2 glitch pant options, and a short sexy re-sizable flexible shirt.
     Unlike mesh, this outfit will not make your hips look too big, your tummy too fat, or part of you missing to others! 

Lil Summer Dress-Missing

     Accompanying this summer top and skirt set, you will find the sweetest pair of matching open-toed platforms to show off that perfect pedicure   
    A simple, easy to use HUD is included making skin matching as easy as possible.  You can even save your skin tones for different skins.  Take control of your toenail colors, either by selecting from the color picker and adjusting via slider or, if you know the RGB coordinates, type those in for perfect polished toenails every time!
That's it for now!  Check back with us soon.  Or, better yet, subscribe to our blog to catch the latest.

Enjoy your Second Life


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