A Bit Erratic

You will have to pardon me folks, I tend to be a bit erratic at times when it comes to learning various things. I will jump from one subject to another because I am usually working on a building project in Second Life that requires a number of different elements be incorporated into what I am working on. Each of us has our learning method...we all do not learn the same way...imagine that!!!!  Hands on learning is my best method of learning.  Hands on and written instructions are my way to learn.  While video tutorials are nice, they are not the best way for me to learn since they go at a faster rate that I can absorb. 

While I am still attempting to learn all the ins and outs and various commands needed in Blender, I have decided that it will continue to be a long and lengthy process to learn.  It has taken me 4 frustrating years, off and on, to even wrap my head around the concept.  I envy those that make sculpts, they are true artists in my opinion and I will continue to patronize those merchants and their creations.  For me, I am taking those steps slowly.  Blender is very complicated.  There are numerous commands that need to be learn and remembered

Another of my long term learning projects, besides learning 3D modeling via blender, is learning how to make non-mesh clothing with Photoshop. 

Living in a rural area, high speed internet was not available in my area till the end of 2005.  I had always been interested in gaming, but did not have the time nor opportunity to venture into that genre.  Due to a terrible car accident, I was having some difficulties with daily tasks and mobility and was able to avail myself of the new service that came to my area.  I heard about SL from a CNN news snippet and thought I would check it out....I did....and I have stayed!  

I found SL quite fascinating from the graphics element, the ability to create items, the socialness, and the far reaching implications of humankind.  I came for reasons of learning something new, and boy, was there lots of new stuff to learn!

Because of SL or, in spite of it, I have learned the rudiments of many things related  to creativity, such as Photoshop, the wide and rich world of role playing, rudimentary primitive 3d modeling using SL prims, interior and exterior design, social networking, the art of merchandising and selling wares, the horribly frustrating and screaming fits of  seeing a script and maybe being able to alter it a bit, a tad bit about animations and poses, some texture altering and creation, and many many more things. 

So where is this rambling going?  

I hope while I continue my journey in learning Blender and SL Clothes making that if nothing more, I can assemble resources (both written and video tutorials) for you to find in one convenient spot to help you with your journey in creativity in the wonderful world of SL.

Good Luck!  And, Happy Creating!


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