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This morning I want to discuss is "Know Your Graphics Software"

When I first tried to make my own clothing for SL, I barely knew how to use my graphics program; I currently am using Photoshop CS4 for a Mac. Not that I know it very well now, but I do know more than I did a few years ago. I consider myself a hobbist CS4 user. I got into the whole graphic software thing because of SL, and from talking to people, a whole slew of folks had little to no idea how to use a graphics program prior to entering SL either. So, if are new to graphic software, you are not alone!

If you do not already own a graphics software product, I would encourage you to do research online and look at the many products available. Look at those that suit your budget and your graphics needs. Not every one needs nor can afford Photoshop, I have it because where I work offers it for a third of retail so I scrimped and saved for it. Do I really need it? No, I could have chosen to use GIMP (http://www…

What is UV Mapping and SL Building

Okay for all of you that don't know me, I AM NOT a technical geek. If you want technical explanations or information, you will need to find another source instead of this blog. My goal is to put things in terms that are simple and hopefully, easily understood by the average person like me, who has little or no experience with 3D modeling, graphics, animation, scripting, or sound experience prior to coming to a virtual 3D world.

The explanation is a bit technical (at least for me anyway) but should give you an idea what the Second Life Avatar (AV for short) is. With clothing, you are making a 2D texture in a graphics program (Photoshop, PSP, Gimp, etc.) and wrapping it around the AV, which is a 3D object.

For those of you new to UV Mapping check out the following description of what UV mapping is. It should give you some idea what how the world of Second Life is created.

All the objects you see in-world are 3D objects of a sort includi…

Welcome To Hell House Design

This is a re-post from our Hell House Design Blog,which  is being incorporated into the umbrella group of Hell House Studios for easier maintenance and to better serve ALL of our customers.

Hell House Design is a tiny building and design business in a virtual world known as Second Life (SL).  You can visit their web page at

There is differing opinions whether SL is a game or a social networking platform.   Each SL Resident will have their own opinoin on the subject, and there are as many opinions as their are residents in-world.  Whatever you call it, it can be quite fun or frustrating. Second Life, and it does require some getting use to.  There is a rather high learning curve, although SL has tried to remedy this over the years with different viewer configurations.

For me, SL is quite fascinating and I have been a resident for close to 7 years now.  While gets old from time to time, there is always something to do, explore, or learn 24/7, 365 days a years…