Made w/Code Teen & Pre-Teen Girl's Activity

For those of you with young daughters, nieces, granddaughters, or friends with teen and/or pre-teens out there, the Google's Made w/ Code  has a new project out.

Here is a link to Google's latest project.  It may be of interest or a great summer project.  Wonder Woman Made With Code Project

Even if you do not have or know any young girls, you can still support this great cause by volunteering in varying coding clubs in your community or by making donations to support this cause.

Here are a few Wikipedia articles and/or resources you might want to check out to learn more about various projects and organizations.

Made w/ Code

Made w/Code Resources Page

Black Girls Can Code

Girls Who Code

Native Girls Code

P.S. You are never too old yourself to try out some of the fun projects on the Made w/Code site *winks*

Happy Creating


One of the things I truly enjoy about getting involved in various global Internet-based communities, be they Second Life, Marvelous Designer, GameDev, or, the many other Internet-based communities, is the really cool and fantastic people you are able to meet and chat with. Along the way, you can't help but notice those who are forever assisting others in one form or another.  Miss B is such a person! :-)

Recently, I have been chatting with a woman named Miss B in the GameDev Forum community.  GameDev is a community associated with some Blender courses I am taking from Miss B is also an active participant in the HiveWire3D Community.

Lucky for us, Miss B has graciously shared with me, to share with you, a collection of Blender and Poser resource links, which may be of interest and helpful to you on your modeling and animation journey. 

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Miss B for allowing me to share her collection of resources she has posted on HiveWire , which I know you …


I been dabbling with Pinterest for a couple of years now and occasionally they will send me emails of things I just "can't live without" or, so they tell me. :-)  Most of these "can't live without" are usually rehashes mixed with a few new interesting items on occasion.  Takes a lot of weeding through sometimes to find a nice little kernel that is really useful to myself and my readers.  

Whether you need textures for your Blender models and renders, backgrounds for your photos, composite textures, building your texture library or, any other texturing projects you might have, Pinterest sent me a nice little kernel yesterday I thought you might be interested in checking out.  

One of those little kernels is some free textures from ibjennyjenny Photography & Free Resources.  The one I found from Pinterest is a set of textures, which will make a nice overlay or background for your projects. Browsing the site, it appears there are other free textures availab…


You are in the right place!
Spring has finally arrived here at Hell House Studios despite fits and starts of the weather. The trees are finally leafing out, grass has turned green, bushes are blooming, as the spring flowers peek out and open in all their colorful glory.

It was a long winter for me even though we had very little snow and the temperature while still cold, wasn't terribly bad for Winter.  Winter just seems to be a long slow season for me where I turn inward and do a lot of reading for entertainment.  :-)

So, in an effort to get with the program and TRY (notice the word try...doesn't mean it will happen) to be more a bit more blog worthy, I thought the first step would be to make some changes, even if small ones, might do the trick of sprucing things up a bit.  I thought maybe, if I moved a few things around, it would be refreshing to the eye. I didn't want to refurbish the whole blog because I still remember the frustration of setting the first blog up ba…


Wishing each of you Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays to you and your's!  May all your wishes be filled and the coming New Year filled with prosperity, good health, and much joy.

P.S. Yes, I made the tree, lights, ornaments, snowfield and icy pond all in Blender!

Happy Holidays

Easy Sofa Cushion Piping in Blender

Today, I am going to show you a quick and easy way to create custom fitting piping or edging for sofa cushions or for anything else you might need some detailing and do not wish to create manually.  I find this method much easier, quicker, and more precise for me than trying to use muddle through modeling it with Bezier Curves or Paths.

For simplicity sake, I am going to demonstrate using a cube for this tutorial. Please be aware there is a lot of tabbing back and forth between Object & Edit modes so it may be confusing till you practice a few times.  


1. Delete the default cube then add a new one (don't ask me why but all the other tutorial tell you to do this so why buck the tend :-) cube in Object Mode.

2. Select your cube and tab into Edit Mode.

3. Using edge/line select,  select the lines where you wish your edging/piping to be. Yes, if you select all 4 lines like I have, the entire face will be selected, which is correct.

4. Once your edges/…


While looking for some inspiration for a Blender Weekly Challenge, I ran across a new feature in Blender 2.78 I am excited about sharing with you! It's called Draw Curve and is used with Bezier the name implies...this tool allows you to draw curves freehand!  I believe this particular tool may previously have been a Blender Add-On, although I am not certain due to my lack of add-on experience.

The great new is if your drawing skills, with or without a mouse, are rather non-existent, you will love this new feature.  Simply do your best to rough in the shape shape, then easily edit the curve to add additional points or move them around for the precise shape. This is a huge plus for me since I can't draw curves well to save my soul!

To see how to use this particular tool in use, please check out the first portion of following video on YouTube!
How to Make a Christmas Ornament in Blender by Blender Made Easy

Happy Creating & Happy Holidays!